Whole Building Commissioning

Maximizing Energy and Occupant Comfort

Energy is a resource that we cannot afford to waste or abuse. The way we use energy affects our way of life and the global environment. OES strives to insure that your building’s energy use is optimized with improved efficiency and occupant comfort.

Our services provide assurance of compliance with energy standards, while planning for tomorrow’s growth. That’s why a multitude of organizations are choosing OES to be a part of their team.

In the hurry up construction industry of today, it is far to common to see buildings that are not operating correctly. There Is nothing more frustrating than seeing a brand new facility that cannot maintain building pressure or fails to achieve thermal comfort levels that are acceptable to the occupants. The commissioning process for new buildings provides owners with the assurance that their facility will operate to meet owner requirements. Because of the increasing demand for energy efficiency and environmental quality, only an experienced, certified commissioning professional should be used to evaluate building systems.

Making Sense of Control Strategies

Control system design review and simulation is the key to achieving efficient facilities, but to provide the necessary observations, the commissioning team must have hands-on experience in testing and commissioning of real-world projects.

At OES, we promote compliance with local energy codes while comparing general HVAC installation practices with ANSI/ASHRAE/IEST Standards. OES also works with owners to further increase energy performance by adding LEED innovative design requirements to their projects.  As a Certified member of the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB), we lead the way in confirming a successful design with a technical approach to every system commissioned.


We provide a practical and in-depth analysis of existing buildings through retro-commissioning. Unless you know where your cost-saving opportunities are, energy savings and efficiencies are hard to maximize. We start with a building analysis that includes interviews with the owners, operators, and occupants. Next, we compare the original design intent to actual system operation, and we continue with an in-depth building automation and equipment survey that includes hands-on testing of all HVAC and electrical systems. A final confirmation of building performance is validated through remote data logging and trending services that pin-point the exact location of building deficiencies. Our final retro-commissioning report details system results that give owners and building operators practical solutions to optimize energy performance.


Universities and institutions receiving grants for research are required by federal agencies to maintain a yearly certification program of all BSL 3 level containments. OES provides researchers and directors with the necessary qualified personnel to work with the CDC and biosafety officers to commission the facility as required by the Center of Disease Control and National Institute of Health. The following is a list of some of the services provided:

  • Exhaust fan and make-up air system interlocks
  • Cascading pressure adjustments to maintain clean to dirty room containment
  • Biosafety Cabinet Field Certification
  • Biosafety Cabinet Service
  • Installation of ductwork or thimble connections for cabinets that require modifications to be compliant with the current NSF-49 Standards
  • NEBB certified testing and balancing of room and component air flows
  • HVAC automation alarms and point verifications
  • Decontamination and installation of HEPA filters using the latest technologies
  • Complete, all-inclusive summary reports

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